School of Medicine

Wayne State University School of Medicine


The academic year is divided into 12 one month long rotations. Each resident will complete core rotations as well as electives during the 3 year program. Rotation schedules amongst residents may vary for a given year, but all residents will complete the same number of required core rotations.

  • Didactics - Includes courses in physiatric therapeutics, anatomy and kinesiology, EMG, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, pediatric rehabilitation and more
  • Continuing Medical Education Lectures
  • Journal Club - 2 residents present monthly
  • Grand Rounds - 1 resident presents monthly
  • Anatomy - 12 week anatomy course which involves cadaver dissection of the back and limbs, is given February through April to PGY2 and 3 residents. This alternates in years with the EMG course.
  • EMG - 8 week EMG course with instruction and practice given usually in February and March to PGY2 and 3 residents.
  • National and In-Service Examinations - National and in-service (course) examinations are administered and subsequently used as teaching tools in round-table review
    • Self Assessment Exam (SAE)
    • Electrodiagnostic Self Assessment Exam (EMG SAE)
  • Educational Conferences - both locally and nationally

Spinal Cord Injury at RIM x 3 months
Traumatic Brain Injury at RIM x 3 months
Stroke Rehabilitation at RIM x 3 months
General Rehabilitation at RIM x 3 months
Pediatric Rehabilitation x 1 month

Detroit Medical Center (DMC) inpatient consults x 3 months

Neuro Outpatient x 2 months
Musculoskeletal Outpatient x 1 month
Advanced Outpatient x 4 months
Rheumatology Clinic at DMC x 1 month
Sports Medicine Clinic at RIM x 1 month
Prosthetics/Orthotics x 1 month
Pediatric Rehabilitation x 1 month
PT/OT/SLP x 1 month
Pain Management IP/OP at RIM x 1 month

EMG at Detroit VA x 2 months
Advanced EMG x 2 months

3 Additional Electives  (3 months)

Sample Electives:
Neuro-radiology, Musculoskeletal Radiology, Interventional Spine, Neurosurgery, Pain Medicine, Palliative Medicine, Orthopedics, OMT Manipulation, Research, Peds Outpatient