Southeastern Michigan Traumatic Brain Injury System (SEMTBIS): A Traumatic Brain Injury Model System of Care - H133A080044

  • Utility of MRI Techniques in Prediction of TBI Outcome
  • Safety and Feasibility of Minocycline in the Treatment of TBI
  • Collaborative Modules
            --- Environmental Influences Affecting Outcomes from TBI – Geographical Identifiers (GeoID)
            --- Sexuality after TBI


A New Measure of Subjective Fatigue in Persons with Traumatic Brain Injury - H133G080168


Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers: Developing Strategies to Foster Community Integration and Participation for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury - H133B090023


Health Care and Housing Needs of Homeless Persons with a Physical Disability


Assessing Development Trajectories of the Brain Biochemistry in ADHD at 4 Tesla - 2R01MH065420-05A2